Technology is growing rapidly and human interaction has been digitized. The essential part of interaction or self-service communication lies in the fact of how well it can convert text into spoken words and vice versa.

Text to speech solutions has completely changed the way of voice recognition. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application provides information that converts text data in speech solutions.

In the past, Text to Speech (TTS) was difficult to comprehend and inaccurate, leading to a drop in call productivity. However, with recent advanced research text to speech have excelled in terms of functionality.

Now with the help of advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response), you can get the IVR applications to repeat callers and provide status and accurate information.

Call Center Solutions

The ability of a program to recognize words and phrases in a particular natural speech readable by machines is called Speech Recognition.

It turns out to be a massive success in the call centers for handling the incoming queries of the customers. There exist some sophisticated forms of IVR that make use of text to speech and speech to text solutions allowing customers to speak for system interaction rather than pressing different buttons.

Apart from the regular IVR system call center applications for speech recognition include voice dialing, voice search along with call routing and speech to text.

This technology is widely used in various call centers to improve customer satisfaction, cut costs, and enhance productivity. It has been a quality technology owing to the advantages offered in a call center.

In recent years, this technology has gained popularity in the call center atmosphere. Not only this technology is used in different organizations but it is also highly beneficial for individuals.

One of the key advantages of this technology is that it can let its users create documents by simply speaking words. It has become extremely easy for callers to input information that includes the reason for calling, names, account number, etc.

All these can be done without the help of any live call center agent. It creates a great impact on productivity as callers now need not wait or put on hold where the agents remain busy with some other calls.

Because of speech to text and text to speech solutions a call center can work economically towards cost-cutting and cost savings. The cost saving is done by simply reducing the need for live call agent without compromising the customer experience.

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Benefits Offered to Call Centers by Speech Recognition Technology

You have some crucial queries to be solved instantly. Then you are put on hold for hours.

Is that the experience you want? Certainly not.

This is where our technology comes handy.

Call centers can now make a perfect balance between cost reduction and customer satisfaction. It can encourage human-like natural chats and generate self-service customer experiences.

It is capable of delivering a higher degree of self-service system containment. This has helped the agents to operate crucial organizational tasks. It can collect real-time data that include names and addresses quite comfortably.

Leveraging recognition technology in call centers is given priority by most of the companies. Now the companies are using this technology to improve blended self-service.

For example, the system can leverage the company’s knowledge base of FAQ’s and now routes callers to have 35 self-service modules based on their needs.

Several organizations are looking to adopt more about technology and create their own system. As speech is the cornerstone of the communication system, call centers make their business by listening to the customer’s needs.

In today’s competitive world, it is important to keep adjusting to recent developments. The most important evolution in the world of human interaction would definitely involve speech.

How Recognition Technology has Evolved Call Centers?

Call Center recognition is changing the way different call centers would interact with their customers. The technology is not only about recognition but also about transferring important information in a usable format (both text and audio).

While customer service is defined as the high valued service to the customers, it gives initial exposure of your products to the customers. Through the technology of recognition, the call center can have seamless interaction of collecting data from the users in an organic way.

It analyzes the quality of calls coming to the call centers and monitored through speech recognition. Conversations can be examined through afterwards, real-time, or separated by a channel.

If you are into the business of sales, your job can get easier when speech recognition is used at your contact center. This can help you self determine what products can be easily upsold or cross-sold.

The technology can free up agents from data collection and perform other important tasks. The menu becomes customer friendly as voice recognition makes commands easier for processing.

Text to speech software is compatible with most electronic devices or voice operating system. One of the unique features of the technology is that it is disability-friendly that makes it easier to navigate through options.

Speech To Text Company

Indian TTS is an Indian based startup that conceptualizes a wide range of products to enable services like the text to speech and speech to text solutions. It aims to create an environment where interaction gets easier like never before.

It recognizes real-time analysis and audio dictation in different languages like Bangla, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, etc. You can make use of the services and have high-quality voice automation. It also offers customers with quality experiences in local languages. It uses the latest speech technology with both offline TTS and ASR solutions for IVR.

Perhaps the biggest benefits of using voice recognition in any organization whether it be a call center or somewhere else is that it speeds up the process of documentation. Whether you are creating a document for a user or staff member, using voice to text can speak your documents into existence.

A Revolutionary Step Towards Futuristic World

Speech Analytics used by speech recognition has rightly increased call center efficiency. Today’s customers are very serious regarding their experiences. They are ready to switch brands if the service they get is not up to the mark.

In such circumstances, it is important to improve the customer’s interface through accurate measurement and high valuation. Enhancing the efficiency of the call centers can often seem a daunting task for managers. However, with the advancement of voice command, incredible customer service can be delivered.

The technology has overpowered and streamlined ways to excel in powerful data mining on recorded audio files. This is the era of technological revolution, this is the era of advanced recognition.