Indian TTS aims to deliver quality speech recognition products. It will amalgamate speech synthesis for several regional Indian languages.

The core idea is to merge advanced technology with Digital India Initiative. Local Language accessibility the first and foremost priority for us to increase human interaction through smartphones, appliances, internet, etc.

We have a Multilingual voice broadcasting system that enables users to simply plug a text and see the magic. We are endowed with a robotic voice to speech converter for low-cost devices that includes SOC Like Raspberry Pi and Intel Edition. It fits well in hardware and is useful for broadcasting voice services everywhere.

Initially, we work for 3 years on web scraping and the target was to develop a news aggregator app. But then while realising a proportion of passengers in heavy crowded BRTS used headphones, we thought of an idea what if he could just listen to the articles and access more content from the real world.

We thought of providing hands-free services which are convenient than reading. That's when we started reinventing Speech Synthesis. We bring in our own conversion mechanism that works faster and remains equal for all kind of voice.

Our Mission

IndianTTS aims at developing advanced technologies to help businesses reach their revenue, growth, and productivity. We ensure sustainability and accessibility as the key drivers for business expansion. Accessibility is important to us and we care to deliver a quality solution to the client to extend their current accessibility.

Our Team

Team Indian TTS is made up of modern innovative skills and strong technological attitude. With a high impact team of developers, product visionaries and linguists, the team always puts their best foot forward. With determination and effortless contribution Team, Indian TTS is creating a comprehensive set of voice solutions for global users.

In 2015, two skilled IT professionals Mausam Patel and Maulik Patel embarked upon the journey of entrepreneurship to build a scalable Text-To-Speech engine platform.

For Indian Contact Center Industry, in addition to its text to speech engine and IVR-AP services, the company also serves the best possible solutions to network providers, equip them with effective business support systems to address several communications issues. The ATM Software for Banks by Indian TTS is used in most of the modern ATMs of India.

“We established this company intending to create Indian language support, considering that Indian accents are heavily localized and pose a big challenge. After 4 years of extensive research on this platform, we are now India's first technology provider in the Text-to-Speech domain,” explains Mausam Patel, Co-Founder and Director, Indian TTS.

Realising the need for a Text-To-Speech for regional Indian languages, Indian TTS has come out with its own TTS engine to make local languages easily viable for a wide range of possibilities. For ATMs, the company has a direct approach to OEM for software distributions and shaping larger market share.

With a strong emphasis on creating prosody and rhythm of speech that imitates natural language enunciation and pronunciation, this platform is for local language expression across all major regions and devices.

The platform also incorporates features like high-quality sound, Indian Names Conversion, Advanced speech synthesis, easy integration, and more localized text-voice conversion.

The RPA(Robotic Process Automation) technology used by Indian TTS mimics human actions and monitor their actions increasing scalability and agility for several businesses.

With the TTS APIs integrated into the interactive voice response (IVR) software of firms, this platform enables access to various types of communication broadcasting modes and devices. The company has also received multiple awards, recognition and widespread appreciation for its invention for dyslexia speech to text software in a 2-year short journey.