Speed/Pitch Filter

High Quality Sound

Indian Names Conversion

mp3/OGG/wave output or direct stream

Faster and Real-time

Normalization rule customization

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Free Plan Include
  • Hindi Support
  • English Support
  • Hindi + English Support
  • Download
  • Usage
    • Create Presentation with voice
    • Create Youtube Videos with embbed voice
    • Use MP3s in Education Material

Want to Increase download limit, Invite friends and raise to 500 files download or In case you full or overflow with request, We can increase as per your need, Contact : info@indiantts.com

In a Free Version : *Personal Usage,Non Commercial only. For commercials please contact info@indiantts.com.Free usage allows in Education usage, NGO and Embed in digital material. Re-Distribution not allowed.

IVR Paid Plan

    Silver Cloud API

  • Start from Rs. 5000
  • Hindi,English,Gujarati,Marathi,Kannada


    Default limit 120 char

    Mix English + noun + Hindi

    Variable Template supported

    10 stream or Port at a time

    Speed/Pitch/Amplify supported

  • 49 Paisa / Request

    *commercial use
  • Ask Sales

    Gold OnPromises

  • Start from 60 Ports +
  • Hosted Linux build

    Logger Application

    Default limit 120 char

    Mix English + noun + Hindi API

    Variable Template supported

    Port or Stream as per Requirement

    Speed/Pitch/Amplify supported

  • Ask for price!

    *commercial use
  • Ask Sales

*Note: Above price are Tax excluded