ATM and Embedded TTS

ATM accessibility software for visually impaired customers for banks

How it use in ATM machines?

Indian TTS products are inclusive and provide high-end banking solutions to different users. Accessibility is the key to flawless customer experiences. At Indian TTS, we care to offer the most reliable online text-to-speech voices from speech synthesizer online. By choosing Indian TTS, the technological gap can be bridged and can provide automated solutions to the banking industry. By rolling out high-quality solutions, we tend to inject innovative technology into existing ATMs. Our text-to-speech modules can instruct and convert text to a natural clear voice with unlimited vocabulary. The technology can help people who are unable to read an ATM screen. The built-in plugins can accept a wide range of input to generate real-time speech solutions.

ATM Software for Banks, Voice Demo - Click on play icon

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Integration Options

Indian TTS AI analytics can help to integrate different automated features to ATM software. It helps in deep voice text-to-speech recognition.

Digit/Currency Options

Products of Indian TTS support text-to-speech online robot process with multilingual currency and digit format that can be easily generated and available for both Hindi and English language. For example, the PIN that says 1354 will speak as one three five four and currency Rs 1354 will speak as one thousand three hundred fifty-four rupees.

XML command line SAPI Driven Interface

Our Text to speech converter online works dynamically in ATM software. Users have the flexibility to change the text in XML and get the desired output using the XML command line. We also have a SAPI interface for editing operations.

Easy Activation

The time taken for the installation process is quite short. You can have an easy activation procedure within a period of 5 to 10 minutes at max. The installation also depends upon approved banking standards. The application works in both sync and async modes in the ATM software for banking services.

ATM Text to Speech Specialize version

Indian TTS has one-stop solutions for voice recognition of disabled persons. The inbuilt voice-activated software can help people with visual disabilities to withdraw cash from ATMs through Text-to-speech technology. Accessibility is the primary factor in modern-day business. In the Banking and Finance sector, Indian TTS's Text-to-speech embedded service support this feature called accessibility. It is a highly accurate and audible text to speech system software with a backup of 60% OEM in the ATM segment. Text-to-speech is a powerful tool to render a human-like voice for an impressive customer experience. It increases efficiency by reducing different operational costs.

Current ATM software supports the following languages:

  • Hindi Text to speech
  • English Text to speech
  • Marathi Text to speech
  • Gujarati Text to speech
  • Tamil Text to speech
  • Telugu Text to speech
  • Kannad Text to speech
  • Malayalam Text to speech
  • Bengali Text to speech

Embedded Text to Speech SDK

Platform supported : Linux, Linux embedded, Android, Windows, iOS

Examples of applications :

  • Mobile apps (offline reading)
  • Set-top boxes
  • ATM machines
  • Robots or Special hardware
  • Information displays and Kiosk

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