NVDA Screen Reader

How NVDA is used?

Step 1 : Install on your computer
Step 2 : Plug IndianTTS addon in NVDA
Step 3 : Change default voice to IndianTTS

What is NVDA screen reader?

NVDA stands for Non-Visual Desktop Access. It is a non-paid screen reader that is highly beneficial for visually impaired people to use electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. It usually reads the text on the screen and takes the help of a text-to-speech synthesizer online. Being recognized as the online text reader, NVDA is a boon for disabled persons. You have full control over what is read to you by moving the cursor to the relevant areas of text with a mouse or the keyboard. It can also convert the text into braille if your computer has a device called a braille display. NVDA is the voice maker online that can create avenues for education and employment for blind people. It gives access to blind people for social networking, shopping, banking, etc.

General Features of NVDA:

  • Browsing the web (with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Reading and writing documents with programs such as Wordpad or Microsoft Word
  • Sending and receiving email with Outlook Express
  • Using command-line programs in Dos windows
  • Producing basic spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel
  • General computer management through My Computer / Windows Explorer, Control Panel applets, and other generic Windows tasks.