API Update:
1. English capital letters in uniform length :

Example –
http://ivrapi.indiantts.co.in/tts?type=indiantts&text=Welcome to PDS Infotech. ERT awaited.&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&audioformat=mp3&numeric=digit&action=play

2. Date and Time format supported :
Example –
http://ivrapi.indiantts.co.in/tts?type=indiantts&text=Hardik patel from 28 north , visit on 04-03-2017 11:45 AM&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

3. Spacer, – Predefined spacer values in case user need explicitly pause :

#1 Full Stop = 450ms  E.g:- Name.name
#2 Coma = 300ms  E.g:- Name,name
#3 ;:/ = 150ms  E.g:- Name;name:name/name

1. Now user can create birthday wishes, festival festivals and own ringtone.


2. User can share their audio files to social media using share functionality.

  • Now you able to share audio content on social media.

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