It is time for technology and innovation everywhere, worldwide. Our population is flourish with youth and that’s why today we can see a dream to be a growth engine and guide the rest of developing nations. The world is going to be a global union where communication in all respect is very easy. As the political leaders visit each-others country and communicate through interpreter, but if both the leaders talk direct in same language, it is so exciting! Today also the knowledge of other languages matters much.


* Today if a mother in India needs to talk to her son at United States of America; it takes very short time.

* A professional or a business man can attend meeting on-line via his laptop or I-phone!

* Any political leader can plan more than one function in a day anywhere.

* Any student can join open school or university om-line and down load study material.

* Any common man can contact or visit abroad with little formalities.

So global integration is very easy today and important too, but it is founded on communication and technology. In a modern era, an essential tool for progress is communication, and communication is based on LANGUAGE. If a person is able to communicate properly with other person’s language; the purpose for whatever can be solved. Now, if we talk about our own nation, it is a great combination of different religions, caste, cultures, languages-dialects, festivals and many more. The great heritage and culture of Bhārat is popular worldwide. After a long journey of many ups and downs, our nation is again hot favorite as a democratic and fast growing country in the world.

India is off-course a great economical and investment hub in the world. Many  products that imported from outside also trying to cover major regions with local tools and information. So now its high time to make our technology more and more user-friendly; in other words it should be focused on local requirements. Localize product requirement in India is a challenge for all new   entrepreneurs.

Recently started Digital India Mission by our Prime Minister is the most appropriate and prompt step for Country’s development in true sense. The e-governance and “maximum governance by minimum government” dream are another positive as well as possible dreams which can be achieved by digitalization of many relative systems.  At the same time, our great mean of communication must fit for growth; that is language and they are not other than English and Hindi countrywide. Both the languages are vastly used for all type of jobs either in public sector or in private sector.

Truly said by our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi that as per technocrats view; there will be three languages will be most running languages in future and they are English, Chinese and Hindi.

*If a product is available in the language our civilian understands, a huge market is ready.

* localized form is familiar and convenient.

* Possibilities are there to cover major part of region.

Here is an excerpt by great leader Nelson Mandela is very important to add, that “If you talk to a man in a language he UNDERSTANDS, that goes to his HEAD. If you talk to him in HIS LANGUAGE that goes to his HEART.”


We, at IndianTTS encouraged to make these effort possible through text to speech technology and relentless innovation at our working place. We are working on text to speech technology in Hindi and other Indian languages.

Our technology allow innovators to think ahead and create new products in localise language.