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Indian TTS Release notes 1.1 Beta

API Update : 1. Recent enhancement now supporting Noun 1. http://ivrapi.indiantts.co.in/tts?type=indiantts&text=Hello Mr. Robert Humphreys is refusing to desist Bible&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play 2. http://ivrapi.indiantts.co.in/tts?type=indiantts&text=Captain was commanded by Nicholas.&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play 3. http://ivrapi.indiantts.co.in/tts?type=indiantts&text=The grand boulevard drive from eastbound, Los Angeles.&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play 2. Comma space : Now we are adding rule in which System halts…