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Speech Synthesis

Some of the silent features of IndianTTS engine are its strong significance of rhythm and prosody of speech, which is very close to the natural enunciation. High Quality of sound, Indian Names Conversion, advanced speech synthesis technology, easy integration and dynamic text voice conversion are our key features, this boost up our objective for development of India, through digital India movement!

Text to Speech API

Rest API

Sample Request

1. HTTP(S) Json method

Access point: http://www.indiantts.in:9005/detection?test=&Output=

1.1 Json Data

In case when you’re inserting unconverted UNICODE text you have to relay “Content-Encoding:UTF-8” information in the header when submitting messages using HTTP POST. No matter which method you use to submit UNICODE messages you always have to set DataCoding=8 parameter.

*Note: Parameters are case sensitive within the Json payload.

1.2 Parameters specifications

Test - Variable

2. Examples

Normalization Rules

English Text Normalization
1. Introduction

The Indian Text-to-Speech synthesizer correctly transforms most written data into natural speech. The IndianTTS synthesizer operates on words and various other language units, such as number (20), number with decimal (15.12), symbol ($), etc.

2. Default normalization rules

This section describes in general how Indian Text to speech normalizes input text.

2.1. Number
2.1.1. Cardinal number

A cardinal number is either any single digit (0, 1, …, 9) or a sequence of digit.
Longer cardinal numbers may make use of comma as a thousands separator.

1 will be pronounced एक.
1456 will be pronounced एक हज़ार चार सो छप्पन.
1,000 will be pronounced  एक हज़ार.

2.1.2. Signed integer

A signed integer consists of a sign character followed immediately by a cardinal number. Valid sign characters are the plus sign (+) and the minus sign (−). The popular hyphen-minus character (-), supported as the sign character.

+5 will be pronounced प्लस पांच.
-3,000 will be pronounced माइनस तीन हज़ार.

2.1.3. Real number

A cardinal or signed integer followed immediately by the dot and a sequence of digits will be recognized as a real number.

4.5 will be pronounced चार दसमलव पांच.
-3.1 will be pronounced  माइनस तीन दसमलव एक.
1,000.12 will be pronounced  एक हज़ार दसमलव बारह.

2.2 Sequence of digits

Sequences of more than nine digit always read as a sequence of digits.

9974662911 will be pronounced नौ नौ सात चार छ छ दो नौ एक एक.

2.3 Currency and Time.

IndianTTS supports a certain number of currencies Dollar and Rupees ($) format.
$10 will be pronounced डोलर दस.
Rs100 will be pronounced रुपए एक सो
1:59 will be pronounced एक जेम उनसठ

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