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2. Indian names with accurate pronunciation

e.g. Mr Rahul. Your Order is under process

3. Call Center data based plugin

Hinglish supported. i.e. Our API supports Indian names and produced clear indian accent sound.
e.g. Hardik आपको 28 North से काम आया है जाने के लिए 9 प्रेस करें

speech synthesis

Speech Synthesis

Some of the silent features of IndianTTS engine are its strong significance of rhythm and prosody of speech, which is very close to the natural enunciation. High Quality of sound, Indian Names Conversion, advanced speech synthesis technology, easy integration and dynamic text voice conversion are our key features, this boost up our objective for development of India, through digital India movement!

Text to Speech API

Rest API

Example 02 (&speed)

Example 03 (&Pitch)

Example 04 (&numeric=currency)

Example 05 (&numeric=currencyslow)

Example 06 (&numeric=digit)

Example 07 (&numeric=digitslow)

Example 08 (&numeric=alphabateslow)

Example 09 (Spacer tag <s>200</s>)

Example 11 (&audioformat)

Example 12 (&numeric=hdigit) Hindi Digit

Example 13 (&numeric=hdigitslow) Hindi Digit Slow

Example 14 (&numeric=hcurrency) Hindi Currency

Example 15 (&speed) Hindi Currency Slow

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