01. Where this technology can be used?

Ans. We currently offer text to speech Hindi and English version to call centre companies. Use case is not limited to call centre, you can view service and how do I use it page for more details.

02. How solutions offer currently?

Ans. On Test Page – Type Hindi Unicode and click Listen to see a output. This will have background music merge with current input text, To avoid background music, Please logon.
RegistrationRegister on our website and try our technology as per your use case. Try English TTS , Hindi TTs and Mix TTS.

03. I am a professor. Can I use this technology for free?

Ans. For education and personal usage, we can provide you more request a month on demand.

04. I want to download file for my personal usage, can I?

Ans. Yes technology is available at nominal cost. For now we offer one month trial basic version to all customers.

05. Test-Voice Page have a background music, How to remove it?

Ans. For that subscribe to any of paid or free monthly trial subscription. All register users will have API key assign to bypass background music.

06. How to use Software API?

Ans. Please visit IVR API section: IVR-API Page

07. What's different between Silver and Gold?

Ans. Silver is most common package for small and medium call centre where they can use our TTS technology via API.
Gold is for enterprise higher usage customer where we are offering hosted Linux build and charge based on number of request consume a month.

08. What’s capacity of server on bulk process?

Ans. One instance supports 1 request per core. To add more requests, please ask sales team at info@indianTTS.com, we will extend and scale a server as per need.

09. Does TTS works with mobile apps?

Ans. Yes we support iOs adn Android SDK for enterprice customer.

10. Which Languages supported?

Ans. Hindi and English is available online.

11. Does software support auto call functionality?

Ans. Please ask sales team at info@indianTTS.com.We will connect you to right call API partner.