Indian TTS is a text to speech engine for Indian Languages and will be a core product for our digital India initiative. The idea is to implant Local Languages easily accessible for a huge market of possibilities, most advanced technology that offer close to human quality, increased human interaction through smart phones, appliances, internet etc.

Our idea is to have Multi-lingual & voice broadcasting system, just plug a text in and let all areas know what's going on instantly; and should be easily accessible. We got success to build a text to speech low cost device (SOC Like.. Raspberry Pi and Intel Edition) which fits in Hardware and pretty useful broadcasting voice services anywhere anytime.

The idea originate through..Before 3 years we were working on web scrapping and the target was news aggregator app, but we wanted something more , by seeing a passenger in heavy crowded BRTS used headphones, thinking if he could able to listen articles and access more content from real world. Some time Hands free is more convenient than reading and we started reinventing speech syntheses. We have own conversion mechanism. Our conversion methods are faster and equate enough for all kind of voice.

mission about us
Our Mission

IndianTTS aims at developing best-in-class technologies to help businesses reach the next level of growth and ensure sustainability.. Accessibility is more important to us and we deliver quality solution to client and they can extend current accessibility.

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Our Team

Team INDIANTTS is delighted with combination of an innovative and techno-logical attitude. A high-impact team of developers, product visionaries, and linguists are trying to build scalable platform. These platforms orchestrate local language expression across all major languages of the world, across regions, and across all devices. Team INDIANTTS is creating a comprehensive set of voice solutions for global users!