API Update :

1. Recent enhancement now supporting Noun

1. http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=Hello Mr. Robert Humphreys is refusing to desist Bible&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

2. http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=Captain was commanded by Nicholas.&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

3. http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=The grand boulevard drive is running from eastbound, downtown Los Angeles.&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

2. Most commonly used abbreviations supported:

For example

Dr. – Doctor
Gen. – General
Hon. – Honorable
Mr. – Mister
Mrs. – Mistress
Ms. – Miss
Prof. – Professor

1. http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=We reqd. Sr. Hardware engineer with 5 years of exp.&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

2. http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=He is a very good Doctor and his name is Dr. Ramesh&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

3. Comma space :

Now we are adding rule in which System halts for 450 millisecond after comma sign.

http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=Confirming the new development, France’s Interior Minister Bernard said, “I have asked for all necessary&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

Dash rule:

a. if minus if comes before number it will speak minus 10

http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=Today’s temperature is -10 degree celsius. &api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

b. IF there is a dash before word it will not speak minus

http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=We have 20-20 match at vankhede stadium.&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

4. Auto- Phrase detection on auxiliary now detection is faster than previous version :

http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=If more than 9 passion and ambition in creating the character than 1234&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

5. some internal bug fixed for faster NAUN detection :

For Hindi use anything if no multi. It will search and take as word by proper positioning. In case ending word logic will try to fetch word from EN, ES positions.

a. http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=प्रतियोगी रोहन आयोग दिल्ली आयोग&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

b. http://audiotravels.in:9005/tts?type=indiantts&text=Manish Kumar Manoj Kumar Agarkar&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

IVR admin Update :

1. Variable template : http://audiotravels.in:3002/

You can add your own template at variable template section and make it play at any position in your sentence.

Example 1

hello how are you {v1} {v2} {v3}

Example 2

{v1} this is july in which {v2} that {v3}

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