API Update :
1. Explicit number pronunciation :

We support Slow and Fast two variant in numbers. Please check example below:
Slow example – is demo IN123 Ticket number&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play&numeric=currencyslow
Fast (Default) example – is demo IN123 Ticket number Rs <n>158</n>&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

2. Auto English and Noun detection :
MIX Indian Text to Speech API is updated so support more Naun in Indian Accent.
Example – Patel आपको 28 North Cloz से काम आया है. जाने के लिए 9 प्रेस करें&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

3. Mix API Mix API available. Now Hindi and English Mix input supported :
For example –हार्दिक पटेल आपको house number 2 से काम आया है. जाने के लिए nine press करें.&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

4. Normalization rules supported :
Following new normalization rules added :

a. Filter Example
Email address and domain validate email address is Find information on

b. Space Support :
Space support has been added so now user can apply space and have a pause effect
For example – is <s> 4888 </s> demo&api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

c. Capital letter with number . IN121 :
Example – ticket number is PTR5654 and old ticket ID 23233 &api_key=2d108780-0b86-11e6-b056-07d516fb06e1&user_id=80&action=play

IVR admin Update :

1. Interface added for  text to speech :

a. ETTS   b. HTTS   c.Mix TTS


Interface of English text to speech and English and Hindi text to speech has been added apart from only Hindi text to speech.

2. Invitation module available to support more request in account :

User can now invite friends and get additional 500 requests

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