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The following demo enables you to enter your own text and sample some of the languages and voices demo text to speech that we offer for voice enable websites, TTS offline, online documents and forms, and mobile apps.

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Sample Hindi Female Audio API
इस सत्र मे कुल ईनामी राशि पांच करोड़ सत्तर लाख रुपए होगी। Play Icon api icon
हम साथ काम करे या नही, लेकिन मै हमेशा उनकी प्रशंसक रहूंगी। Play Icon api icon
Sample English Female Audio API
Narrow gauge oriented at Delhi is known as yellow car system Play Icon api icon
Teresa became the associate Dean of faculty. Play Icon api icon
Sample Mix Female Audio API
हार्दिक पटेल आपको house number 2 से काम आया है Play Icon api icon
blood circulation के लिए सुबह गरम पानी पिने की आदत दाल दे Play Icon api icon

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