How it use in ATM machines?
ATM Software for Banks, Our Text-To-Speech voice synthesis modules series convert text to a natural, clear voice with unlimited vocabulary provide audible instructions so that persons who cannot read an ATM screen can independently use the machine. The small footprint, plug-in solution accepts wide range of input data to generate real-time speech. Intelligent interface provides voice guidance for options displays on ATM machine screen. The information is delivered pricately through headphone jack.

ATM Software for Banks

Voice Demo - Click on Play icon
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Digit/Currency Options

Multi-lingual Digit/Currency format can be easily generated available in Hindi and English. Pin number 1354 will speak as one three five four and currency Rs 1354 will speak as one thousand three hundred fifty four rupees.

Normalization rule customization

XML command line SAPI Driven Interface

In ATM Software, Our Text to speech product works dynamically. User can change in text in XML and they gets desired output using XML command line. Even we have SAPI interface so edit operation can be done very easily.

Easy integration

Easy Activation

ATM Software installations can be done in just 5-10 minutes, via approved banking standards. Application works with sync and async both modes in our ATM Software for Banks.